What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting service is a type of hosting service where multiple users share the specifications of the same web server . According to this  all server resources like CPU, RAM, etc. are divided among the users whose who are using different accounts  on that same server.In shared web hosting users do not have root access to the server configuration files.That  means that they cannot access anything else on the server beside their own personal hosting account. The administrators of shared host check monthly that every website gets the same disk space and allocated bandwidth.

Different operating systems operate on different hosting servers. You can choose linux shared hosting if you have Linux operating system, or you might go for shared linux web hosting . You might also go for windows shared hosting if that meets your requirements.Though shared hosting plan is comparatively cheap than other plan there  are certain risks associated with shared server hosting, as the servers used in shared hosting have to face a high daily traffic coming from different sites through just one server. When there is excessive traffic on one server it will work at a much lower speed because of the heavy load.

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