Reseller web hosting solution of hosting companies means  selling web hosting to your customers under your own brand when the web hosting is provided by a larger company.In this approach the larger company is selling you a large web hosting account which you then break apart to sell as smaller quantities to your clients.
It involves website designers or website design corporations dealing mainly with site design services.Small-scale ISPs, prominent Search Engine Optimization web architects and various web go-getters are also part of the reseller web hosting arena.
As for explanation suppose someone  buy a reseller web hosting package with 1,000 MB disk space and 1,000 MB bandwidth. Then he can  break this into 10 separate accounts with 100 MB disk space and 100 MB bandwidth each and then he sell these smaller packages to his customers. So if he sell each of these packages for $10.00 dollars a month he would be making $100.00 and his only cost is the reseller web hosting package which cost $15.00 a month. . In brief  reseller web hosting is the act of buying a large web hosting plan or dedicated server and then breaking it into smaller parts to resell to your clients.

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