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General: HostMonster is one of the most popular hosting providers. Since its establishment in 1996 they are trying to provide the best quality service for their clients. They not only have a lot of experience in providing quality hosting service, but also provides a top quality technical and customer support, available 24/7. HostMonster host over 750.000 domains/websites and are highly recommended for business hosting.
Uptime gurantee:  Hostmonster assures 99.9% up-time and promises to refund your hard earned money if you decide to cancel your current hosting consideration.Their staffs are always ready to assist in the no downtime transfer process.

Control panel:  The control panels offered by the two companies vary only slightly. The hostmonster control panel has a more standard cPanel skin with only minor edits/changes. The HostMonster control panel looks different than the traditional cPanel X theme, but has all of the same features. Everything to manage email accounts, subdomains, databases, etc. is there and works as expected.

Customer support:  support is average at best .  Getting the desired personal or business website has become incredibly easy due to the useful features that come along with your hostmonster account. Users, especially novices who have used it to set up new websites, are pleased with the unbelievably real support they get from the customer service. These people were able to get their websites up and running in just a matter of hours. For technical questions we recommend using the phone line or emails.They are avaliable 24/7 to assist their clients.

Advantages :  Hostmonster  uses  simple and user-friendly interface that offers is best-suited for the beginners .Lets make a quick overview of webhostinghub advantages.

300 GB disc storage space and 300GB bandwidths: Owing to this feature, subscribers of justhost can create many e-mail accounts and as many databases

 Customized php settings: Does hostmonster allow custom php.ini?The answer is yes. Being a standard cpanel linux hosting provider, hostmonster gives clients all necessary permissions to customize their hosting account.To use specific php settings only for a particular addon domain you will need to place a php.ini file in the addon domain's folder.

Free marketing credits: Hostmonster offers attractive advertising and marketing bonuses of $25 Yahoo! advertising credits and $50 worth Google advertisement credits.

Disadvantages: Despite having a lot of alluring features hostmonster has several disadvantages. Lets make a l quick overview .

 Limited sql listings: The main limitation with Hostmonster is the constrained SQL listings. If you have chosen this company as your web host you will only be granted access to 100 directories. Nothing beyond this will be offered.

Processor throttle capabilities:The other major problem that many of the customers with Hostmonster have faced is related to the Processor throttle capabilities.

Minor ftp connection problem: In researching HostMonster, we saw several complaints about spotty and sometimes unreliable FTP connections.

Pricing concerns: HostMonster offers an all in one hosting solution for customers. The hosting plan costs $6.95 per month for an excellent package. This package includes unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer! A variety of other features are found in each package. Some of these features include but are not limited to: MySQL databases (100), unlimited email accounts, CGI-Bin, CGI library, FrontPage Extensions, FTP access, Perl 5, PHP, chat capabilities, JavaScripts and web blogs, A variety of multimedia features are also included with the hosting plan. Some free features are also provided with each hosting accounting including a free domain name, free search engine submission and free drag and drop site builder.

Why choose hostmonster:  Hostmonster, since its establishment has gained a reputation of being one of the top quality web hosting service provider offering enhanced reliability, speed, customer support and service for its customers. Backed by skilled technical staff, this company is currently serving a huge database of customers. We highly recommend hostmonster for business and blogs.

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