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General: GreenGeeks, California-based company, provides 300% green web hosting services. The company is currently managed by its founder Trey Gardner, who has more than 10 years experience in hosting industry.

Uptime guarantee:Greengeeks assures 99.9% up-time and promises to refund your hard earned money if you decide to cancel your current hosting consideration.Their staffs are always ready to assist in the no downtime transfer process.
Control panel:  The GreenGeeks cPanel includes a Fantastico script library, which offers easy installation of numerous shopping carts, CMS ( Joomla or Drupal), Blogs (WordPress), forums and more.The GreenGeeks cPanel also includes totally free 2 template based web site builders – SoHo Launch Builder and the RV Site Builder. Website builder allows you to construct a website without buying any software. With very little or no programming experience, you can finally setup a fully functional website..

Customer support:  It has been a trend that many web hosting companies has been doing their customer support offshore hiring people in places such as India and Philippines. I am not against web hosting company hiring them to do the backend technical job such as server maintenance because many of them are actually even better then the local. But when it comes to customer support, I am strongly against it. Since the business is dealing with mostly North American English speaking customers, the customer support should always be better to be native as well so they can communicate better.

Advantages :  Greengeeks  uses  simple and user-friendly interface that offers is best-suited for the beginners .Lets make a quick overview of webhostinghub advantages.

Unlimited disc storage space and  bandwidths: Owing to this feature, subscribers of greengeeks can create many e-mail accounts and as many databases

300% green hosting: Greengeeks webhosting is eco friendly. Some may think that it is a technique of their advertising . But you should be concern of some reports of their eco friendly hosting.

Best Drupal Hosting : GreenGeeks is recently choosen as the Official Drupal for Dummies Web Hosting Provider!

Extremely reliable and fast server :Websites hosted on GreenGeeks are supported with Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology.

Free Domain Name For Life: This is an  alluring feature of their hosting plan. Most of  the  hosting companies  offers free domain for only one year. But here  greekgeeks offers it for lifetime.

Free site migration: They will help you to migrate your website from your previous host free of charge. If your previous host is also running CPanel, then most of your files and settings (email/databases) can be easily transfer to GreenGeeks since they are running on the same platform.

Disadvantages: Despite having a lot of alluring features greengeek has several disadvantages. Lets make a l quick overview .

New at market: Greengeek is new at the market so they do not have any past history records. So making a neutral review is very tough for them.

Lack of hosting options:  GreenGeeks does not offer VPS or dedicated hosting. In other words, GreenGeeks users will need to switch host if they wish to upgrade their web host.

Only 30 days money back gurantee: Greengeeks offers only 30 days money-back guarantee where competitor hosts offer it at anytime.

Pricing concerns: Green Geeks has recently change their monthly price from $6.95 to $4.95 ( Great News). Green Geeks’ $6.95/month price may be considered competitive rather than the cheapest price on the market. However, unlike others who grab you with a great, low introductory price (and then surprise you with an unjustified contract renewal price), Green Geeks will renew your contract at the SAME $4.95/month. And herein IS the difference.
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Why choose greengeeks:  Although they are less than comparatively new in business, everything looks robust and promising. This goes back to the CEO and founder Trey's Gardner more than 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry. You can certainly consider them as your web hosting provider.

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