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General: Ipowerweb started in late 2001. Even though they are not as old as many of the other web hosting companies we have reviewed, they have grew to become one of the largest web hosting companies on the internet today. They now have over 220,000 web hosting clients.

Uptime gurantee: IPower stands by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their data center is virtually impermeable, constantly patrolled by on site security guards and monitored by closed circuit television. The servers are just as secure thanks to hacker-repelling intrusion detection programs and trained in house technical staff.
Control panel:  Ipowerweb used to use CPanel 5 for their customers. Their older customers are on this control panel. However, with over 230,000 clients it was no longer acceptable to use a third party control panel software and thus they decided to customize their own called Vdeck. Vdeck offers simplicity that other advanced control panel lacks. It also is more powerful and since Ipowerweb designed the own control panel they are now able to add features or fix bugs in an instant without contacting the developers of the software. .

Customer support:  The website features lively flash tutorials that walk customers through confusing moments in a clear and visual manner. Live support can be reached 24/7 through your choice of live chat or toll free telephone.

Advantages :  ipower  uses  simple and user-friendly interface that offers is best-suited for the beginners .Lets make a quick overview of webhostinghub advantages.

Unlimited domains: As in, in one account you can add as many domains as you want.

Free marketing credits:Free google and social marketing ad credits.

One click installer: Fantastico: easy one-click installation of most of the known scripts/CMS. Though it is a very common feature for top level hosting companies but it is very nitche for ipower.

Disadvantages: Despite having a lot of alluring features ipower has several disadvantages. Lets make a l quick overview .

Report of bad support: Though it is rare case in ipower but few clients have  complained about ipower support team for not being that much effective.

Price increase after first year: Though it is common in many top hosting companies. Despite this i think this is a very big disadvantage for ipower target market.

Pricing concerns: PowerWeb offers an outstanding all in one hosting package at $7.95(currently $3.95) per month. They offer 1500GB disk space (this is enough for 99.9% of sites on the web), 15,000 GB (again, most sites on the web use less than 1GB a month) 2500 email accounts, SSL (Secure Pages), FTP access, real-time statistics, CGI + PHP + MySQL, Frontpage extensions and so alot more. Another great part of their plan is their marketing package. You can continue reading our web hosting review of ipowerweb hosting below..

Why choose ipower:  This company is all about choice and proportion. IPower's smallest plan offers enough power and disk space for a modest site-no more, no less. The larger plans are more generous with storage and bandwidth and offer more features as well. With IPower as your web host, you will never be forced to pay for extras you can't use or do without features you need. .

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