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General: HostGator is a world leading provider of web hosting. Since 2002, company is privately owned and based in Houston, Texas. Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management. The over five million domains hosted by HostGator make up approximately 1% of the world's Internet traffic.
Uptime guarantee: Hostgator gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. Does it really mean that hostgator give 99.9% uptime? If you check website to know the uptime, then you’ll obviously get more than 99.9% uptime.
We are here talking about customers. How much uptime each customer gets? Well, I will say uptime is largely depends on luck. If you are really unlucky then you will get really poor uptime.

Control panel:  HostGator also wins points for the choice of control panel software for their clients. All accounts get the use of cPanel software for account management. CPanel is one of the top rated control panels on the market, and for good reason. Users, whether novice or expert, can easily manipulate the look and feel of the layout. Put the panels you use most at your fingertips like database control or email account management. You can easily view stats, control security functions, and open tech support tickets right through cPanel. A very good choice for their hosted clients.

Customer support:  HostGator continues to hone and improve their service and support for its customers. They have 24 hour support through live online chat and email. Clients can also contact via telephone and Skype to get questions or problems addressed.HostGator does have an online help center filled with articles and video tutorials. They also have an online forum where clients can post and answer questions among themselves as well. The online help center is functional, but not as user-friendly as many other top hosting companies.

Advantages :  Hostgator  uses  simple and user-friendly interface that offers is best-suited for the beginners .Lets make a quick overview of hostgator advantages.

Unlimited domains: As in, in one account you can add as many domains as you want.

 Access to SSH: Secure Shell (SSH) is some time necessary to do some tasks.  SSH is a way to create secure connection between your machine and your server. For using SSH, you have to have server running SSH service and you should be allowed to login using SSH.
Hostgator also provides SSH access but it’s disabled by default. You can’t connect your hostgator server using SSH until you get it enabled. In this article, I will show you how to enable SSH and how to use it.

One click installer: Fantastico: easy one-click installation of most of the known scripts/CMS. Though it is a very common feature for top level hosting companies but it is very nitche for hostgator.

Disadvantages: Despite having a lot of alluring features hostmonster has several disadvantages. Lets make a l quick overview .

Users may not use 25% or more of system resources for longer then 90 seconds: If you have many web pages or visitors or scripts, even if you have unlimited space, bandwidth, etc., you might use up more than 25% of the CPU, which would cause them to shut down your service. So far it only happened once when a cron job lost the pot: they automatically shut down my cron job facilities without any warning and without me realizing till two weeks later.

Use of limited nodes: Use of more than 50,000 inodes on shared accounts  may potentially result in suspension.

Mail policy limits:There is a 200 hourly email limit per domain. If you send over this amount in any hour, most of the e-mails will bounce back with a undeliverable error.

Pricing concerns: HostGator offers a variety of hosting plans that are very affordable. Hosting plans start out as low as $3.96 for the Hatchling Plan if paid yearly. This plan includes Unlimited disk space and Unlimited bandwidth. Other features include: MySQL databases, CGI, PHP,Perl, SSI and FrontPage to name a few. The hosting control panel for each package also offers customers 52 scripts.
The Baby plan is only $6.36 for Unlimited space and Unlimited bandwidth. This plan also provides all the features included with the Hatchling Plan. In addition customers can host unlimited domain names and subdomains. The plan also includes unlimited FTP accounts. Their most expensive regular shared hosting plan is only $10.36 per month for the Business plan. With this plan, customers will receive Unlimited disk space and UNLIMITED bandwidth. They also get one Toll Free Number.
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Reseller Hosting











VPS hosting



















Dedicated hosting





$139 /mo.

$175 /mo.

$223 /mo.

$299 /mo.

Why choose hostmonster:  HostGator has earned a great number of web hosting awards. Their customers range from large sized businesses down to personal bloggers and HostGator supports each of them with care and professionalism. If you are searching for a place to start or grow your own website, Hostgator is what you are looking for.

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