VPS hosting Vs Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting offers many advantages over normal VPS  server hosting services due to the number of servers that are being used for a single cluster, and if you or your business rely greatly on your website, Cloud hosting is the best solution for you.  Cloud hosting solution utilize groups of high specification servers, network attached storage devices to reliably serve every web page, and image of a website. Inside each storage device, drives are replicated to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy.
What are the major differences between our traditional VPS Hosting and cloud hosting .That's a question that keeps coming up, and we want our customers to understand the answers before making their choices.
Server  type: A VPS server is designed for  individuals and organisations who have outgrown traditional Shared Hosting (many customers' websites running on a single server) and need isolation, but without the costs associated with a fully dedicated physical server.
Cloud hosting server provides similar functionality to VPS but the resources are on-demand. This model provides shared resources and services billed based on usage. This differs from shared hosting and VPS in that many cloud servers are integrated to share all resources providing high resource availability..
Customers: VPS and Cloud Instances each have their place, but are aimed at different types of customer.
  • IT enthusiasts
  • Web Hosting Start-ups
  • Freelance Software Developers
  • IT Directors
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Software Development Companies
Flexibility and optimization:VPS Hosting provides a quickly scalable solution based on purchased VPS resources.
  Purchased resources include:
·         Memory
·         Processor Speed
·         Disk Space

Cloud Hosting instantly scales based on your resource usage and bills accordingly.Server resource utilization is used for
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Utilization

Resources: With virtual private server, you will not get guaranteed resources that you will pay for, which means other user of the VPS node could squeeze in on your allotted resources but this is not case with Cloud server, you will get the guaranteed amount of resources you are paying for and it's always available when you need them.

Customization: You will also get the ability to customize the resources of Cloud server anytime. VPS is not at all reliable when compared to Cloud server because VPS is based on software virtualization platform. Each platform of servers have their merits and demerits but here there are no demerits of Cloud server.
Security:Cloud hosting  Security is greater than VPS since the underlying systems are controlled and isolated by similar means and standards to which a dedicated server is secured.
The virtue of Cloud hosting is that resources are distributed across so many machines that resources are continuously available and expansion highly flexible. However, it is far beyond the control of the user how this is achieved and maintained.
Cost :VPS is billed on a monthly rate for each VPS. This rate is based on purchased resources of guaranteed availability like memory, CPU, disk space, backups, and other features but is a static monthly rate. Often a VPS will exceed the purchased limits when resources are available but this is not guaranteed at any given time.
  Benefits of VPS monthly billing:
  • Predictable billing
  • Possible to exceed purchased resources if available
  • Ideal for predictable traffic
To the Minute Billing

Cloud hosting clients pay a monthly price based on the numbers and types of users  requiring access to the particular applications and services hosted by the cloud company or the resources utilized over the billing period often down to the minute.
Benefits of Cloud hosting minute billing:
·         High availability
·         Ideal for unpredictable traffic
·         Ideal for unpredictable resource usage


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